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Choosing the Correct Breast Pump For You

In a normal toddler feeding situation, the more your baby consumes the more milk your breasts will create. If your baby is experiencing breast feeding or you have got cracked or sore nipples, you might stop breast feeding for a short period of time to bottle feed your baby. However in case you begin to bottle feed more than you breast feed, then you face the risk of getting your milk supply dry up. If you are having difficulties with breast feeding, the best way to maintain milk production up while taking a rest from breast feeding is by pumping. Pumping is the next best thing to having a baby maintaining your source of milk up. Pumping is also how mothers who go back to work, keep their milk supply going. There are lots of types of breast pumps you ought to be aware of as not all breast pumps are created equal. Best for moms whose breast milk supply is already established and no additional pumping is required to greater supply, but just to maintain supply going.

Your basic types of breast pumps are often electric in nature, but there are battery powered ones for all those times when an outlet is not available. Additionally, there are hand pumps if you cannot afford an electric or battery powered breast pump, or for people who buy breast pump online for situations which warrant a non-electrical pump. Hand pumps are essentially just that, a pump which you use together with the power of your hand and are not electrical whatsoever in nature. There are pumps that are created to use your foot to power them, but typically the hand pump is used. Generally much smaller compared to other pumps and is wonderful for situations where carrying distance is crucial. One difficulty with hand pumps is that in the event you have issues with carpal tunnel syndrome or another motor ability or tendonitis, you might want to find a foot powered pump or an electric one.

If you plan on traveling or moving to an appointment where your time is consumed, you might want a battery powered pump in the event you will need to pump while you are out, and are recommended as occasional use only. Electric breast pumps come in two grades hospital grade breast pump and private grade breast pump. The private grade breast pumps are often the one people purchase for office and home use, since they are more reasonably priced than a hospital grade breast pump. They are intended for use by one person and one person only, unless they are sold after breast feeding is finished. At this point they need to be sterilized before use. Hospital grade breast pumps are a lot stronger than a private grade breast pump, and are recommended for mothers that are having difficulty getting their milk supply to come in, or are having difficulty getting their milk supply to increase to the infant’s consumption. Hospital grade pumps are often also rented compared to being purchased.

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