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Direction is Vital Element in Reaching Hair Transplant

In front and upper part of this Scalp, hair grows in a clearly forward direction, changing to a radial pattern as it means the crown. The hair always emerges from the scalp at an acute angle, with the angle being most intense at the temples. For a hair transplant to appear natural, the patient’s own hair management must be carefully followed. The one exception is that whorls — or licks — in the frontal hairline shouldn’t be duplicated if there is a good likelihood that the area is going to be lost due to balding. In cases like this, it is much better to transplant the hair at the more neutral position, characteristic of the vast majority of men.

There is been a tendency for hair transplant in pune surgeons to transplant larger grafts perpendicular to the skin. This is most likely because the mechanisms of the old plug procedures made sharp fishing difficult and, if angled, led to more altitude and/or pitting if the grafts healed. Grafts often become marginally more vertical to the skin, in contrast to the way they were initially placed, as a consequence of the normal healing process. This vertical movement will magnify any mistakes in the transplant and is a phenomenon found with grafts of all sizes. It is probably a result of the reorganization of collagen around the recently transplanted grafts. The Result of placing grafts Perpendicular to the skin is most evident when this error is made from the frontal hairline. A Statue of Liberty look results when the transplanted frontal area has hair pointing in radial directions. This makes combing the hair in any style problematic and always leads to an unhappy patient.

Another Issue with placing hair Perpendicular to the scalp is that the viewer looks straight at the base of the hair shaft i.e., in which the hair folds to the scalp. This contrasts with normal hair growth, or with a correctly performed hair transplant, where the hair points ahead. When a hair removal surgeon plants hairs in a forward direction, the hair shaft bows introducing the convexity of the hair shaft. This makes the hair look more natural and softer when dressed and provides a subtle fullness into the transplant.

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